Tiny Kittens Who Watched Too Much TV

"Tiny Kittens Who Watched Too Much TV, or just Tiny Kittens, is a micro-TTRPG that I drafted in two days for my partner. She and I have played a lot of roleplaying games together that focus on combat as a major pillar of play, but oftentimes I look over to find her listless at the end of a long round of combat. The game doesn’t so much solve this problem as remove it entirely to focus on characters who are more likely to get themselves hurt than achieve their goals."

Port Madrona

"A narrative-focused game combining elements from horror games and visual novels featuring the adventures of Kai in the titular city of Port Madrona. This game demo was developed as part of the University of Washington’s Certificate in Game Design program. My team and I designed and developed a game demo over the course of ten weeks and pitched the concept to industry professionals. Port Madrona is the fusion of a lot of our favorite parts of media that we love, and I hope to get a chance to expand on the demo that we released."

Advice for New Game Masters

"There are a million of these on the internet already, so I want to keep this short, useable and evidence based. Each piece of advice I’m giving here is something that I’ve done in my own games that measurably improved my game, and the experiences of my players, but it also is advice that is portable and system agnostic. Reward the Behaviour You Want to See This seems pretty obvious, but if you want players to do something, reward them for it."

Grave Business

"Foul Magicians Are Afoot! The sleepy town of Tinsform has recently fallen victim to a grave robber less interested in worldly possessions than they are in corpses. Everyone in town has come to the same conclusion: a heretofore unknown necromancer hell-bent on conquering the region must be to blame. The town constable has summoned a group of adventurers to do what the townsfolk cannot: kill the necromancer. Grave Business Grave Business was my first attempt at making any sort of roleplaying content."

And We Flew Together

"A new girl moves in down the street from you. You feel connected and drawn to her in a way that is hard to explain. Before long, you share your secret; you can fly like superman. This is a piece I wrote in a single day when I woke up from a very emotionally intense dream. At first I just wanted to capture the experience of the dream itself, but as I wrote it down I gained a clearer understanding of its meaning, and of myself."